December 3, 2018

{Casey + Jimmy} Engagement Wedding Photography, Casa Grande Domes; Casa Grande, Arizona

Wow, what an epic engagement session with {Casey + Jimmy} down in Casa Grande, Arizona!  I love the look and feel of abandoned areas and sometimes just Google for fun to see what’s out there.  I was doing this a little before our trip down to Arizona (I always seem to be looking for dilapidated, abandoned airplanes that I can stick a bride + groom on) and came across these domes but didn’t think anything at the time past the fact that they looked cool.  Fast forward to our time down in AZ a few days prior to our engagement session and now we’re finalizing a location.  So, I’m doing some Google research to see what’s out there and now I come across these domes again….hm, are these things in AZ?  Is it possible to actually do a shoot there?  Are they still around or torn down?…..

Well, we did it and I’m so stoked at how it all turned out!  Casey + Jimmy, you guys rocked it and I’m still amazed to this day we were able to pull it off.  Thanks again to my father Byron who assisted me on this shoot and to the local law who didn’t shut down our fun 30sec into our session.  We can’t wait for next year to be with you two at your Sedona wedding!!