Honest Answers to Your Burning Questions (aka the FAQ)

You’re planning a wedding. Chances are, a million details are swirling around in your head. Come take a load off and let me answer those burning questions about wedding photography and my services.


Contact Me: byron@studio-br.com

Do you offer custom collections?

Absolutely! It’s one of the things I do best. I offer an a-la-carte menu to help you customize your experience. You can adjust my hours as well as your album size. During our first meeting together we'll discuss your needs further and design a collection that’s just right for you.

Do you offer videography?

We are partnered and work directly with several wedding videographers. If you are interested in having video captured of your wedding as well as still photography please let me know and I can gather the team!

What are high resolution digital negatives? How large can I make prints from the images I receive from you?

High resolution images are files you can make prints from! Wedding digital negatives are selected, edited and printable up to 11 x 14 size. Larger prints can be made easily from the high resolution files you are receiving but the quality depends on your photo lab - we only use professional labs! You can also request to have them saved in web ready size for Facebook and other social media.

How many images will I receive? How do we receive our wedding images?

A ton. A lot. So many.

The USB thumb drive you get contains your story in about 500-700 final wedding images after an 8-10 hour coverage day. It also includes a reproduction release for unlimited personal printing as these image files are all saved to you in high resolution!

Should I have 1 photographer or 2 photographers?

Really depends on the wedding your having and what you want out of your photographs! Not every wedding needs a 2nd photographer; weddings where couples are getting ready close in proximity to each other, smaller elopements, couple that don't desire lot's of different perspectives with their final images, and couples not interested in those pre-party photographs would be fine going with just me.

A 2nd photographer is a HUGE help when photographing weddings where the couples really want to tell the entire story of their day and don't want to miss out on any photo opportunities. Many more special moments are captured with 2 photographers on hand at your wedding, pushing the envelope of creativity to the limit! I work with 2nd photographers as much as I photograph weddings alone so let's discuss!

What's a Reproduction Release vs Copyright?

Byron Roe Photography retains the artist copyright for all images. You’ll receive a reproduction release document that grants you unlimited printing rights for personal use. You just can’t use the images for commercial use, alter them in any way or resell them without written approval from BR Photography.

Are engagement images included?

Yes, engagement images are included in most wedding packages. If not, they’re available for purchase. At our initial meetup prior to choosing a collection and booking us we’ll go over our product menu so you can select what you’d like to receive.

Do you offer albums and other products?

Yes! I can preserve your story in canvas wrap or premium leather albums. They make great gifts and perfect heirlooms for you to share for years to come. I also offer duplicate or custom albums for your friends and family as well as engagement session guestbooks for your wedding day.

Want even more fun? Check out my Adventure Box Photo Booth. It’s a great way to get everyone involved on your wedding day. Plus, who doesn’t love a fun prop photo?

This is my first time creating a wedding and I'm overwhelmed! How can you help?

Yes, I know it's a lot to take in. One way I help is to get your day structured with a solid timeline that will help focus these precious hours on what's important to you both. If it's spending more time with family and friends or taking more time alone to get epic photos we have you covered!

Working with non-local clients

I do! Bring on the travel!

Over 75% of our wonderful clients come from other parts of the world. I make your wedding photography easy for you, whether you live in Barcelona, Bangkok, Boston or right next door.

I eliminate the distance between us by using digital contracts, secure online payment and web galleries you can access from your mobile device. I also use Google Meet to stay in touch with you throughout the process.

Do you travel for weddings and engagement sessions?

Yes! It’s it's one of the most rewarding parts of my work. I travel for over half of my events each year. Whether you’re eyeing that perfect European villa or jetting off to Vegas - I've done it all and always excited for my next adventure with wedding couples. We can discuss all the fun travel details after you book.

How do I book you for my wedding?

Super easy!

During our phone or video meetup I really want to get to know you and your fiance!! We talk about what your wedding day will require for photography and get you thinking about what you want to do with your final images. From there you decide to either choose one of my created collections or we create a custom collection together.

If you decide you want me to photograph your wedding I'm stoked!! I'll send you an online contract with a secure payment option that will have your wedding on my calendar in about 10 minutes or less.

For payment, I ask for a 50% retainer to hold your date(s) and to secure your photo package. The final payment should be submitted within two weeks prior to your wedding day. Don’t worry! I provide a payment schedule to make the process as simple as possible.