November 5, 2016

{Garrett + Kyle} Engagement Photography Millennium Park, Foothills Park; Portland, Oregon

I believe it’s my job as a pro photographer to make people laugh.   I like to have lots of fun and not surprising, the images always turn out better if our couples are having fun also!  Thank God I’ve got a bunch of quick wit and when all else fails, yelling “pinch his bum” usually solves any awkward moments.  It’s important for me to be the comedian at times because lots of people are not all that thrilled when the camera points their direction.  Having a warm up time during a shoot is so important to get people in the mood and trust that the session is not going to go the way of a bad horror movie, you know what I’m sayin?   That long winded explanation leads me perfectly into describing the fun {Garrett + Kyle} were having on their shoot.  There was no warm up at all but automatic laughter and playing around, in fact these first few images you see are at the beginning of their shoot which is crazy because it’s so rare to get that kind of awesome emotion out of a couple that early!

Fall colors, beautiful clouds and a lack of any monsoon for {Garrett + Kyle’s} engagement session that day gave way to lots of fun times in and around Lake Oswego’s Millennium Park & Foothills Park.  I love the water myself and photographing on a dock in the Willamette River gives one that sense of being so small in such a grandiose city of bridges that never seem to be too far from my lens.  The final spot we walked to in Foothills Park was a group of Stonehenge monoliths with quotes from the great poet (and Lake Oswego native) William Stafford.  On a side note I once had his wonderful son Kim as a professor at a Lewis & Clark!  Anyways, these quotes were a perfect way to end our amazing session.  Wendy and I look forward to your wedding next year you two.  Enjoy everyone!