February 28, 2016

{Josh + Aubrey} Day After Creative Waterfall Wedding Photography, Maui Hawaii

- -

I wanted this session to be dreamy, to be romantic, adventurous, colorful and mostly – a special frozen moment in time of pure joy and love between {Aubrey + Josh}.  With destination weddings like these, we put our whole self into creating something extraordinary.  Knowing these two for some time now, through our joint collaboration in weddings (Josh owns O’Brien Events), and getting to know Aubrey’s son and Josh’s family, I was so humbled to participate intimately in their celebrations.  My hunt for the perfect waterfall – secluded, gorgeous, green and peaceful, was a bit of hike to get to (aren’t the best ones like that?!).  Over the rocky stream, muddy mush, slippery rocks, bamboo forest, painted trees and after an emotionally exhausting day previously, these two brought nothing but smiles, a sense of adventure and TOTAL 100% trust in doing anything for the shot.  BRAVO!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for jumping at the chance to work with me, being up for anything I suggested, for trusting me to create such incredible memories for you both! I LOVED this session!

I would also like to take a moment to thank my dear friend who joined me on this trip, JJ Walter, and assisted with everything from holding lights to carrying gear through the forest.  You’re hired!

Big hugs,