September 30, 2016

{Kari + Beau} Wedding Photography – Bend, Oregon

{Kari + Beau} were surrounded with the love of family and friends on their wedding day in Bend, Oregon. Their decision to make this an intimate day was capitalized on the fact that they had the ceremony and reception at their private residence. Working tirelessly for months paid off on an amazing setting to tie the knot as you will see. With a flexible timeline and the desire to capture unique images among the rock and rivers that Bend is surrounded by, we headed to Sawyer Park where the lava rock along the river is carved out into to coolest organic shapes. Oh, and I almost forgot the awesome 1970 yellow Chevelle used for some of our portraits, for all you muscle car nuts like us! And yes, that is a very curious chipmunk indeed!! Congratulations you two!!