June 1, 2018

{Lacey + Ben} Engagement Wedding Photography; Bend, Oregon

It’s a ton of fun, (and with that comes the challenging part as well) to photograph an engagement session in lava tube caves which is where we began our photo session with {Lacey + Ben} one warm and sunny day in Bend, Oregon. You’d think a location with little light and 50F temps when it’s nice and cozy up top would be one to avoid but it’s really the experience of getting into these areas that makes the photos turn out so well. The lack of light is actually one of the best parts of photographing in the caves as it pushes us to get creative with what we have. And did I say anything about the colors of the rock walls?!

From the lava caves we travel to Sawyer Park where the rocks along the Deschutes River have been carved out into the coolest organic shapes. Wendy and I are super stoked to be there for you both at your wedding this year. Congratulations on your engagement Lacey + Ben and see you very soon!!!