February 20, 2020

Pronghorn Resort Wedding Photography with Byron Roe

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As far as drop dead gorgeous wedding locations go, without a doubt Pronghorn Resort would be up there at the top. Located in the heart of Central Oregon’s high desert and just off the beaten path enough to feel like your in the middle of nowhere, Pronghorn Resort is the quintessential Old World Europe villa smack dab in Bend, Oregon. From the old European charm with all the beautiful rock walls and rough hewn beams this place is magical.

As a photographer who not only enjoys but finds it important to document the entire wedding story beginning with the pre-party action, when everyone’s getting ready, I’m especially appreciative of the beautiful changing rooms for both the bride and groom. Does this NEED to be there for an amazing wedding day? Of course not, but it’s a huge plus that makes brides and grooms feel special and I’m all for that.

Now, lets talk about the island where many people have their ceremony. Completely epic in my book. What could be better than a majestic bridge to get you over to the island and once there the commanding views of the Cascade Mountains off in the distance? All perfectly framed during your wedding ceremony. I agree, wow.

One more area of Pronghorn Resort that I cannot leave out and that, as a photographer, gives me creative artistic chills when I think about bringing brides and grooms there are the lava tube caves a short golf cart ride out from the lodge. Very unique to Central Oregon (or for anywhere that is!), and a wonderful place to have private, romantic images captured these caves are not to miss!!

I could really go on and on about the many other details that allows Pronghorn Resort to stand out like the grand entrance with huge stone fireplace where couples get married in front of in the winter or the Steinway piano that we love to get our couples next to but I’ll just let you look at my photos and dream……