February 12, 2018

{Stephanie + Mario} Engagement Wedding Photography Pronghorn Resort; Bend, Oregon

These two were so fun to take wedding engagement photos of!!  {Stephanie & Mario} were in the moment laughing and having the best time at our session in the Pronghorn Resort complex in Central Oregon nestled within the 2nd largest juniper forest in the world, (I think our awesome golf cart driver said somewhere in the Middle East was #1).  Let’s just cut to the chase as I know everyone just wants to hear about what was going on with the waterfall right?!  Well, it’s pretty simple. {Stephanie + Mario} wanted to end their engagement session in style so that’s what they did!  Bam, and I was so stoked to be there to capture these incredible moments with this loving couple.  Can’t wait for your Pronghorn wedding coming up you two!!!