May 2, 2018

{Stephanie + Mario} Wedding Photography Pronghorn Resort; Bend, Oregon

Their sign says 3 & 5 signifying two families coming together and they truly are magic numbers.  {Stephanie + Mario} had an intimate wedding at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon where the details very much helped tie everyone together.  “We wanted each person at our wedding to feel like they had a place there so decor and other things like robes and socks were personalized with names. We wanted wine barrels for sure and Mario spent hours sanding and staining them to match our arbor. Our wood cake stand was from a tree in the front yard of his family’s property and I made our unity candle and centerpieces”, said Stephanie.

Back to those two numbers, Stephanie explained to me that it’s not a coincidence, “3+5 was seen in random places because we are both numbers people. 3+5 symbolizes the numbers of our families joining, our date, and even the room number at our honeymoon ended up having 35 in it. We frequently see either 3&5 or the number 8 where others wouldn’t recognize it”.

In addition to Stephanie + Mario, their children Ysabella, Tayanna, Antonio, Milana, Santino & Grady all made the day their own with their awesome energy.  You really could see how much this wedding meant to them all and with that I give you the story of 3 & 5’s wedding day.  Congratulations to you all and Enjoy!!

Thanks to the amazing team that made this a beautiful day for {Stephanie + Mario}:

Thank you for hosting us (venue, reception, catering, bar):  Pronghorn Resort

Thank you for keeping all the pieces of this wedding together!: Lauren Jensen at Pronghorn Resort

Thank you for the fabulous hair & makeup for all the ladies!:  Makeup Mafia

Thank you for the insanely awesome flowers:  Summer Robbins Flowers

Thank you for the most amazing deserts: The Cake Lady

Thank you for being amazing musicians Matt & Casey!: Precious Byrd

Thank you for those details that make a difference:  Incredible Events