December 13, 2009

2009 Cyclocross Nationals In Bend, Oregon

I’m an avid cyclist, racer and love photographing people suffering…AKA-racing.  Cyclocross is easily the best spectator sport in bicycle racing to watch since you can walk to see much of the course without traveling more than 4-5 blocks and the crowds tend to get the most rowdy!  Enjoy the pics-

My cousin Maureen from Boston tearing it up in the elite race.  Congratulations are in order as she was recently chosen to be part of the US team that will go over and race the World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic!  Ok, it turns out that we’re something to the effect of 3rd cousins and if it wasn’t for the trip my family took to the East Coast to visit her family, we probably would have never met each other.  Her family came over to Wisconsin to visit my family as well and I still remember running around with a WW2 gas mask on trying to scare Mo and her sister-(I was maybe 10 and they were around 4 years old).  Isn’t that the fun of families?  Please take a look at Maureen and her husband Matt’s team website to learn more about the two of them and what’s next – mmracing

There was a nice long “run-up” stairs to climb on the course and here’s a view of the women’s elite race.  It WAS this tight!

This is another typical scene from cross racing…..and either a science fiction movie or a bad dream.

Katie Compton takes a glance at how close her competition is behind her.  Turns out she rightfully wears the correct numbers as she went on to win her 6th national title.

The entire city of Bend seemed to be out cheering on the racers, including….

This dude was in a full on sniper camo outfit handing out bills to those who wanted to spend a 2nd and grab one.  Another taker!

Home town favorite Ryan Trebon.  The Bend community came out in full force to cheer this guy on and each time he came around for another lap the roar was deafening.

Taking a corner at speed and yes, the grass looks that way because it’s winter, cold and for the racers…super slippery to ride.

My friend Wade who builds bike frames and owns Vulture Cycles built this bike for parades and general hooliganism.  Yes, he’s sitting over head height-in fact you sit sooo high that I declined to try it out myself and that doesn’t happen very often.  If your looking for a custom frame for cross, mtn, etc. please check him out:  vulturecycles

Pushin’ the pace, suffering and getting dirty…what cross is all about.