November 12, 2010

2010 Holiday Card Contest Bride + Groom Doggie Portraits, Bend Oregon


It’s that time of year again – jingle, jingle!  This year we decided to use our ever faithful bride and groom models, Miles and Dizzy.  They were also ‘hired’ for our 2008 Holiday Cards and it went over so well, we decided to do a little variation on the theme.

Miles and Dizzy posed again with bowtie and veil, just as happy as can be (we didn’t even have to bribe them with treats surprisingly!).  What can we say, we love our doggies 🙂  They’re 14 and still as cute as can be.

What we need from YOU:

1) Review the top 6 images below and choose your FAVORITE.
2) Write a blog comment, include your name and the image # of your favorite.
3) Complete this task by this *SUNDAY, Nov 14th by 12 NOON.

Majority wins!  Thanks for your participation 🙂

Happy Holidays,

B + W

Image Number: 1

Image Number: 2

Image Number: 3

Image Number: 4

Image Number: 5

Image Number: 6


Number 5. I swear there is nothing those dogs won’t do. They are like different dogs from 10 years ago.

number 6. the car has its expression / tight lipped with the back lights all lined up/, the dog to the left has its expression, the dog on the right says a lot through the veil and the red is ever present. six!

Julianne & Dustin Kellogg

It’s a split vote at our house…
Dustin gives #5 the nod and I can’t resist #1.
Love them!

Just want to clarify to everyone that #5 is the Black + White (second to bottom) and there are 6 images total! Their was a little confusion on which was which. Count to date:
#1 = 3 votes
#5 = 7 votes
#6 = 2 votes

# 6 – cause the look that Miles (with the bow tie) has is great. Appears that he’s thinking, ‘I made a BIG mistake!’ LOL

After much thought, (because I really love the red of the car and wanted to choose a color shot) I have to go with #5. I think its the best of Miles and Dizzy!

#5. love them all, though!

#5 I love that you can see both of their faces! Love them all though!

Love #1!

#6 without a doubt, love the bow tie!

#1…i love a dog who drives!

Taylor Hanna

What fantastic photos! Number 5 has my vote!

#5 is my choice!!! So much fun!

Number 5! LOved it…

Definitely #5!

I vote Image #1. Loving Miles with the goggles…what a trip!