March 23, 2012

2012 Las Vegas WPPI Photographer’s Ignite – Video Released!

Oh…the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived!  Photographer’s Ignite just released the video recording of our presentation.  Disclaimer:  Seriously, I think I (Wendy) was more nervous for this than anything – ever.  Why, you ask?  Because there’s 4,000 EYES staring at you and your hubby.  What I can add to this video, other than a sigh of relief and excitement of having actually done it, is that putting the content together, defining what we really wanted to say and having the courage to authentically share our revelations and struggles (in a humorous way of course) was harder than the actual presentation.  Learn about our WPPI events.

Okay, enough waiting…go WATCH!  Special thanks to our friends/family for all their support (especially Byron’s parents who heard it at least 30 times the weekend of the event and sat in the crowd) and for Kevin Kubota for starting such a fun event.  Moreover, special thanks to all the partners that sponsored the event and donated to the swaag bag (OH MY was that AWESOME!).


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