October 27, 2009

A Bend Family Fall Portrait with Kelsi and Best Friend, Angus

A good friend, Kelsi, called me up recently in tears as her dog, and best friend, Angus has been having liver trouble and it didn’t look good.  She realized she didn’t have any really good photos of the two of them and wanted to know if we would do a family portrait.  With fall colors in full rage, we set out to take Angus on a brief hike and follow the Deschutes river by Meadow camp in Bend, Oregon.  Having two dogs of our own, Miles and Dizzy, we understand the connection between ourselves and our favorite pets (Idiosyncrasies and all).  I hope Angus is able to pull through – he’ll forever remind me of a gangly teenager, connected at the hip to his mother and always drooling 🙂  We love ya Kelsi – all the best to you and I hope these images bring some smiles as you walk by them in your home of the wonderful dog that is Angus.

Kelsi Erkkila

I adore these pictures! I feel so lucky to have friends that take the time to take these wonderful pictures. Wendy and Byron were so fun to work with and they made the experience so personal and relaxed. Of course they are friends, but they are very professional and have a good understanding of what looks good. I will treasure these pictures and am so glad to have them. I am happy to report Angus is doing well, after the scare I had that sent me calling the Roes, and hope he continues to do so. Thanks again.

Kelsi must love these photos. They obviously have a deep connection.