February 16, 2011

{Alyssa + Dan} Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography; Seattle Public Library


In typical Seattle, Washington fashion, it rained.  Not only did it rain – it was like a windy hurricane of a downpour outside when we met Alyssa + Dan for their pre-wedding engagement photography session.  Thinking ahead (Seattle = Rain), we planned to shoot inside in the Seattle Public Library.  The library architecture was a muse, beautifully crafted with angles, colors and funkiness everywhere you look.  Alyssa is a hobbyist photographer and likes the abstract and artsy. It was PERFECT.  This adorable couple rocked it.   The only rule when shooting in the library is that you could not use flash or light enhancers, so everything was a quest for natural light.

The first half of the session was crafted for the dramatic art; the second half, where we ventured to the waterfront and an old antique shop, was all about fun and goofiness. Old pin ball machines, wooden skis, a telephone booth – it was like backstage in the props area of a theater!

Alyssa + Dan, thanks so much for sharing your story with us, kissing in a VERY public place and letting loose for some fun.

Happy upcoming nuptials to you both!

B + W

All day the reflections were dazzling us!

Fisheye smooches 🙂

Stealing a secret kiss…

Love this image for it’s urban chicness – ya’ll are rockin’ it!

One of our all-time favorites; beautiful capture of togetherness and faith with a touch of drama.

LOVE, LOVE – sweet and romantic.

This reminds me of an opening to a theater show 🙂  (Byron is downstairs at least 100 feet away)

This wonderful antique shop was a great place to have a some laughs and play with more props.

Again, reflections win the day!  Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this is funny, but that’s okay 🙂

Dan, it looks like your practice dancing was filmed on video after all (see sign above)!

Sweet kisses…

Alyssa Smeding

Dan and I both think the mirror kiss picture is funny– you aren’t the only one! 🙂
I love the one where we’re looking up at the light too! But there really aren’t any on here I don’t like…

Awesome Job you two!!! LOVE the one where they are looking to the light! Great work!