June 2, 2009

Argentine Tango Dancing In Downtown Bend, Oregon

My brother Ted is extremely passionate about Argentine Tango and has become so involved in this form of dancing that he holds classes of his own and has traveled to Argentina only to dance (from what I know, it’s fairly common to do that!).  So he and his girlfriend Lila came down to Bend recently to hang out and they wanted to know of a good place to “Tango bomb”.  Another words, to crank up some Tango music and dance among unsuspecting travelers in public places.  Not knowing how to Tango myself, (but quite a foxtrotter myself after learning for my own wedding last year…thanks Tim & Elise!) I thought it best to keep the rubber side of my shoes down and work this into a photoshoot instead.  It’s interesting how one can look at a scene differently within a photo, (even if you’ve walked past the same scene 100’s of times!), and with the vibrant red dress of Lila I came away with a renewed excitement for the urban photo assault!  Cheers-


Is there any Tango happening this weekend (i.e. Sat. Jun 12th)?, my dance partner and I are headed to Bend from Seattle for my nieces graduation (COCC), and were hoping to find a milonga?

Let me know if possible.
Linda Duffy
206-714-7000 cell