June 23, 2010

Be Brave, Focus – and conquer all: Web Marketing For Wedding Photographers

Most photog websites highlight recent shoots and show variety because everyone loves variety, right?  WRONG.  Customers are looking for experts – niche dialed, experienced and focused.

Why you ask?
This is a cultural shift that has happened where with the onset of highly specific information available on the web, people tend to rely on and go to areas where information surrounding their interests reside.  If you want information on social media, you go to Mashable – not the USA Today.  You want info on photography, you go to WPPI, or PPA or [b]ecker. More and more, your customers are segmenting their information to align with their interests (which is why the newspapers of the world are suffering).

So, how do you do this?  The first thing you need to do is be fearless and know that by targeting your specific niche, you’re not pigeon-holing yourself for less work.  It actually works out the opposite.  The second thing is to identify your target market.

Who do you want to work with?

1)   Personality type

2)   Age

3)   Locations

4)   Travel or No Travel

5)   Traditional or Non-traditional

6)   ….

The last thing to do is to align your website/brand/marketing around your target market.

Please don’t fall into the crack of “I do weddings, portraits, pet, commercial, architectural, product, nature and landscape photography. What do you need?

Be BRAVE, FOCUS in the direction you want to go – and conquer all.

And because a post is not as fun without a photo….