December 24, 2010

‘Behind The Scenes’ Exclusive Video Documentary – Byron Roe Photography

We must have been VERY good this year because Santa sent us an early Christmas present 🙂

We’ve just received and would like to debut our ‘behind the scenes’ video documentary.  The documentary is a first look into our work, style, energy and passion for many of our prospective wedding couples.  A ‘what to expect’ guide if you will for prospective brides and the whole-hearted approach that we take with our wedding photography.  Our photography is as much about the experience as it is about our images.   We want our couples to take a peek in this behind-a-shoot perspective to feel comfortable and confident in hiring us.  This has been a project in the making for months, shot on location in San Francisco, CA with two of our die hard fans/client couples.

We have had lots of help and owe thank yous to:

1) First and foremost, we would like to thank Anton Lorimer head of Lorimerworks (San Francisco Videographer).  We knew we wanted to do something a little different, something that’s going to reflect ourselves, our character and charisma and first and foremost – be dynamic.  Anton’s shooting style and editing seriously hit the nail on the head and we are so thankful to befriend both him and Abby.  Anton, thank you SO much for bringing our vision to life with such ease and enthusiasm – you have a true gift maestro.

2) Secondly, we would like to thank the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel (and the event services team: Sherri and Stacey!) and my sister, Jill Epner.  Hilton donated the awesome interview space and gave us a secure ‘home base’ for all of our gear, clothes, make-up, dresses, etc.  My sister set the whole thing up with Hilton and then she was so engaged, she spent the whole day watching bags, holding anything we needed and being a great cheerleader!!  We love you, Jill!  Also, the flowers were courtesy of Natalini Florists and we would like to thank Jin Wang Bridal for the lovely veil.  Our bride (in her dress) just walked in with Jill and said, “we have a veil emergency” and they cheerily said “no problem” and it seriously made our DAY.

3) Last but not least, we owe a huge thanks to our two lovely couples and past clients, Julianne + Dustin and Emily + David.  They both jumped at the opportunity to help, were excited to get behind our cameras again, and used it as a “vacation” to spend some fun time kissing each other!  Julianne + Dustin got back into their wedding attire without a blink and came from Bend, Oregon to share in this journey with us.  Thank you both so much, we are grateful and humbled by your support and love for what we’re striving for.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

B + W


The video is fantastic and it really shows how you work as a team. I love the comment that Wendy makes about how important it is to get to know the couple and not only snap the pictures and I love how Byron says and shows how he is in constant motion, which I think makes him open to get just that best shot. Bravo, guys!