February 28, 2020

Brasada Ranch Wedding Photography with Byron Roe

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Brasada Ranch is pure rustic high desert badassness. With one of the best wedding venue views of the Cascade Mountains and some of the top sunsets around, Brasada is perched atop Powell Butte just a stones throw away from the town of Bend, Oregon. Just far enough from civilization where staying out there feels like a holiday and the star gazing is better than ever, (especially in a hot tub by the way!!). One of my favorite details of being out there is I’ve always loved how all the buildings on this property look like they’re part of the scenery. To me, that’s what makes Brasada so inviting.

Now, for a wedding photographer, Brasada Ranch is delectable. Sunsets, Cascade Mountain views, a prominent rustic trestle bridge and lots and lots of spots for private moments with brides and grooms makes Brasada a very unique location to have a wedding. Nothing surrounding this area takes away from the natural beauty and that’s what this ranch is known for.

Typically used for receptions, The Barn is another beautiful addition to this ranch and when one thinks of weddings at Brasada the vision of The Barn is usually in everyone’s head. Well thought out firepits and lounge areas surround The Barn and it’s neighbor’s the Ranch House and the Range Restaurant in a way that beacons you to relax and know that it’s ok to do nothing! Brasada Ranch weddings are all about connecting with one’s surroundings, family and friends and to be honest, what really else do you need?! Enjoy!!