December 13, 2013

{Amanda + Eric} Portland, Oregon Engagement Photo Session


Searching for the most unique angles and interesting architecture in Portland, Oregon is always fun with stylish couples like {Amanda + Eric}.  We avoided the rain and in this case, the traffic on the Hawthorn Bridge.  It’s always nice when our clients are watching out for us… “5 seconds till you need to get out of the way of oncoming traffic!”  Seriously though, this was a super fun shoot as we began at the swanky Doug Fir Lounge where they had these cool metal beaded curtains and from there we moved on to the Nines Hotel where there are way too many cool angles and props to use.  I’ve wanted to get some images in their secret hotel pool (not water) room and am stoked at the results!
B + W
{Artist Series}

{Original Series}