June 21, 2016

{Caitlin + Elise} Engagement Photography, Lewis & Clark College, Tryon Creek State Park; Portland, Oregon

{Caitlin + Elise} and I had an awesome time finding so many spectacular locations at Lewis & Clark College to photograph their engagement session!  My favorite though would have to be the bike lock up areas including the tandem bike – a funny and light hearted prop that got these two relaxed from the beginning and would definitely help to bring their sensitive and caring connection with each other out for my camera.  It was honestly hard to choose what areas of the campus to photograph at because all we had to do was walk another 5 feet and there was either another amazing spot with blooming colorful rhododendrons or playful shadows on a stone wall.  Our final destination was to find a stream somewhere, (which is really easy with all the parks in Portland) so we drove right down the street to Tryon Creek State Park and hiked in a bit to capture those final images of Caitlin + Elise in the creek.  No, I didn’t get wet but it was such a nice day that I know it felt good to wade in!  We can’t wait to capture your wedding story this year at Black Butte Ranch in August but for now, enjoy the images!!