October 5, 2010

{Amy + Aaron} Engagement Photography; Dillon Falls Bend, Oregon

Amy and Aaron are the adventurous kind that utilize Bend, Oregon to it’s fullest, so when we got together for their engagement session, we knew we were going to have some fun.  They are a happy, go lucky couple that always has a warm, friendly smile and a bike close by.  Byron and Aaron have raced cyclocross and nordic skiing in the past and are part of the awesome Bend biking community.  Amy is no slouch either and races cross, skis telemark and is a white water kayak queen.

The location of choice for the engagement session was Dillon Falls and it was just beautiful last week and super warm.  Last time we went up to the river trail for a shoot we swore we’d bring bug spray but this time of year we didn’t think twice about not bringing it.  WRONG.  When I say these two are the adventurous kind, we mean it.  Through the thick of mosquitoes, we all held our breath and ventured into a most spectacular sunset.

Trusting a photographer and connecting with the right couple that’s ready and willing to try new things is a beautiful thing.  When we say, lay down in the roots and cuddle…and the couple goes, ‘OKAY!’ we look at each other and smile.  When we say, stand in the water above a class V rapid and kiss…and the couple goes, ‘OKAY!’ we know we’ve hit our stride 🙂

Straight from Amy, she says “we now have some new “I love you so much…” phrases; “I love you so much I’d lay down in the dirt and snuggle with you while getting eaten by voracious mosquitoes!” and “I love you so much I’d perch on the edge of a class 5 waterfall while getting stuck by thorns AND eaten by mosquitoes!”

Now that’s our kinda couple….

Thanks you two for being bold!  We can’t wait to get to know you both even better and share your special day next May at Rock Springs Guest Ranch.

B + W


Magic Light = The sunset light that puts everything a glow.

Wendy kept saying ‘BE CAREFUL!’…of course Byron was clicking away smiling.

Classic Amy + Aaron; TOO CUTE.

One of our total favorites of the day because of color pop and the texture of the trees and roots…which gave us another IDEA!

Taken from 7 feet above in a sea of roots with the falls nearby…here’s to trying something new!

We took a short jaunt to the Old Mill to play around with the bikes at night among the glow of the bridge lights.

Earlier, we snuck a few shots in of their adorable baby boy, Calder and couldn’t resist posting a few.

Dog 1, Baby 0….go Mia!

Calder blowing bubbles and showing his Buddha belly


All the pictures are lovely but I liked particularly the one with the two tall trees and their roots contrasted with the colorful couple which seemed to

speak of a long and strong life ahead for them. Wonderful work, Byron!

Congrats Amy! Amazing photos and cute baby Calder!

Love the black and white shot with all the roots. Really different. Amy and Aaron look like so much fun!!

Julianne Kellogg


Amy, you are BEAUTIFUL!! These photos totally capture your amazing essence! LOVE THEM!!

Congratulations again you two, you are a gorgeous couple! And Calder — SOOO CUTE!