October 10, 2011

{Carrie + Richard} San Francisco Destination Engagement Session


Carrie + Richard are two lawyers in love that are getting hitched in 2012 at Broken Top Club.  They live near the bay area, so we all decided to meet up down there and use the city as our canvas.  Let’s just preface this by saying that San Francisco is one our favorite cities to shoot!  When given the opportunity to travel to SF, we always get excited…the hard part is narrowing down the locations and ideas.  Hence the day of we were on a mission to shoot in The Mission, the golden gate and the Legion of Honor.

When we arrived at the Legion of Honor….there were already two full bridal parties and when we started shooting, a third came…I guess it’s quite a popular place for wedding photos!  Carrie + Richard jumped in with hardly a warm-up and seriously rocked it.  Carrie’s dress was fabulous and these two have an undeniable ease and chemistry that clearly came out on camera.  Next we hit up The Mission and had researched some colorful murals of the area.  These artists did an amazing job in several alleys in that area and the bright colors popped.  From there, we rushed back up to catch the sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge as thankfully the fog didn’t roll in that day.  We nailed the timing with 15 minutes to spare for the sunset!

Carrie + Richard, we wish you guys the best in your wedding planning this year and cannot wait to be with you documenting your special day.  Thank you for indulging us and letting us run you around San Francisco, traffic…urine and ALL.  It was a blast!


B + W

{Artist Series}

Yeowzers!!  Smokin’ hot you two 🙂


We rushed to claim our spot as we saw bride number #3 coming up 🙂  Glad we did!

Being two lawyers, they brought some fun props and ‘pretended’ to study.  …right under Rodin’s ‘Thinker’   We just couldn’t help ourselves!



They also brought some props for their upcoming ‘Save The Date’ cards.


The magic light right after sunset onl0oking the Golden Gate bridge.














That’s the whole crowd cheering you guys on back there in the painting 🙂  Just a little something different.


These two met on Match.com. 1 in 5 they say now that meet and marry from Match! 🙂

Another favorite, shot with a 400mm lens to bring the bridge closer 🙂