August 12, 2009

Central Oregon Wedding Of Denise & Jimmer At Aspen Hall In Bend, Oregon

What an amazing day this was!  Family and friends all turned out to wish Denise and Jimmer a happy life together as they took the big leap.  An extra special guest that created quite a stir was an osprey that decided to go fishing in the pond right before the ceremony.  Everyone agreed it was a good sign as the huge bird of prey flew off with dinner, (or a snack, since the osprey caught another fish during the reception and I had some time to capture images of the action.  By the way, one of the photos I added today is of the osprey flying off with the prize above the water and what you’re seeing is the reflection of the trees, etc below).  The couple decided to see each other prior to the ceremony so Wendy and I staged a meeting across the street in Shevlin Park.  This turned out to be lots of fun as it was a nice way for Denise and Jimmer to unwind and have a moment to themselves prior to the ceremony.

Denise warned me that I should be ready for the dancing mayhem to commence after dinner was finished.  Well, she wasn’t kidding!  You could tell everyone wanted to get on the dancefloor ASAP and skip all the other formal “stuff” and when they did get it going I’ve never had such a fun time taking photos.  All the love and happiness to you both for lifetimes to come.


Thanks so much for the comments! Faith, we’ll give you a call and go through some of the images for you as well. More photos of their wedding are now up on the gallery section, viewable by going to, ‘view my images’, weddings, denise and jimmer.

Hi Bryon,

once again you captured the most perfect moments! I can’t believe that shot of the osprey grabbing the fish out of the pond. I think that happen at Shelly Birger’s wedding too. How symbolic! I was the florist for Denise and Jimmerz wedding. I woudl love to get some photos of the flowers you took to post to my website blog if that would be ok. I will make sure you get credit for it as well. I would also love to have some of Shelly Birgers flowers as well. Thanks! Hope to hear form you soon! Faith Butsch

Rich Rowcroft

Great shots!!
Can’t wait to see more