April 28, 2012

{Chad + Naomi}; Portland Oregon Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

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Dear Naomi (aka my Busy Bunny),

I knew you may be a very special person when we first met each other, but I had no idea it could be this incredible! You mean so much more to me than words or actions could describe. You are more than a best friend, fiancé or soon-to-be wife to me, you are my everything. I love you for who you are and your smile makes my heart flutter, and for that, I want to always make you smile. You are such an amazing person that I know will always be there for me and I love that about you.

I know this is just the start of an amazing lifetime of love, happiness and support. There is not a person I would rather spend “forever” with. I look forward to the journey of life together wherever it may take us, knowing that there is nothing you and I cannot conquer when we work together. I promise to give you all my love, energy and support each day and always be there for you – I promise, Naomi!

Love you always and forever, XOXO



I feel so thankful every day to have found such an amazing man – you are handsome, dedicated, warm, thoughtful, honest, kind, funny and most importantly – you love me for who I am. Words cannot describe how excited and proud I am to be able to call you my future husband. You are the best friend and teammate I could have ever wished for!

I have loved our time together thus far – trips to Bend, hiking around Oregon, our Boston trip, getting Charlie, the cutest cat ever, and especially our recent trip to Hawaii where you proposed and sent us down this amazing and wonderful path. I can’t wait for many happy years to come, I love you always and forever Chadarific!

XOXO from your bunny,

{Artist Series}

Gorgeous eyes Naomi!  Such connection in this one – a fav for sure.

Partial to cherry blossoms, we found the perfect tree to shoot under.

Your Marilyn Monroe moment 🙂


(Right) Facebook Preview winner!



Double Love!









Portland sunset skyline and puffy clouds…couldn’t have asked for a better background!






Chad + Naomi,

We are so excited to surprise you BOTH with love letters.  Chad stepped up to the plate when we asked (since we always love an element of surprise if possible!) and wrote an endearing note.  We can’t wait to share your special day at Pronghorn Golf Club later this year.  Thanks again and happy wedding planning!!  See you soon!

All the best,

B + W