March 28, 2013

To: James; From: Lesley-Dry Lake Bed and Spring Mountain Ranch Park Engagement Photography; Las Vegas, NV

- -

Dear James,

I am so thankful three years ago, on completely opposite ends of Vegas, we both decided to take a leap into the crazy world of online dating in hopes of finding love. I was very skeptical about the whole thing but deep down I hoped I would find my perfect match. You far exceeded any expectations and visions of love I had in my mind. You have brought so much to my life; including aspects I didn’t even know were missing.

The past three years have been the best of my life. We became a family when we adopted our nervous wreck of puppy Abby. It is amazing to see the love, patience, and dedication you have for her. I’m so proud of what you accomplished, turning her into the little lady she is today. Seeing you with her, I have no doubts you will be an amazing father. And now you have a new project, welcome to the pack crazy little Riggins!

You are my best friend, my biggest supporter, my love. We are complete opposites in many ways but at the core we share the same values, dreams, and aspirations. I have never been in a relationship that is so naturally easy. We have so much fun together and without a doubt I know life will never be boring with you by my side! We complement each other perfectly, enabling and encouraging each other to be better version of ourselves yet loving each other exactly as we are. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I know we are going to do big things you and me.

I love you so much.


{Artist Series}


Facebook preview winner and overall one of favorite images of ALL TIME 🙂  Love you guys!  PS: Byron deserves 100% credit for this idea!

The moonscape shot 🙂

Are you guys sure you’re not supermodels at heart?




Kisses from Abby bring smiles all around.  There’s nothing like breaking the tension of having your photograph taken as when your pooch digs the attention!





Oh yes…Penelope the cow and Abby (the dog) hit it off finally and became friends…



You go on with your bad self JAMIE!!












Katrina Pies

I never get tired of looking at your engagement pictures….they are not only beautiful, but totally awesome!!! I wish you both the best on your marriage, a lifetime of happiness, much laughter together and many memories made. Look forward to seeing your wedding pictures. I am sure they will be just as fantastic and breathtaking. Take care of each other and never lose the smiles you share for one another. Much Love and hugs XO