March 18, 2009

Commercial Photography for Gusto, Bend Oregon’s Food and Wine Magazine

In the last month I was able to begin working with Gusto Magazine and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Gusto changed their focus, with this new issue, to incorporate more of what Bend has to offer but still keep the contemporary fresh look their known for.  During one shoot, I was able to photograph a daughter and mother at Spa W. in Bend, while they were being prepped for a pedicure.  It was cramped in that little area, and I nearly fell in the ladies laps a few times while moving around but they were all great to work with, including owner Rebecca.  When I was through the tech’s were able to finish the task at hand and I spent my remaining time at the spa shooting some local skin products.

My other shoot for the spring issue was at the Italian restaurant Guiseppe’s and their back bar (appropriately named) Goomba’s.  Owner Peggy and her crew were super nice and receptive to my being there and this made for an enjoyable evening.  It’s a real change to go from shooting weddings where the action doesn’t stop coming until the end of the night to photographing food.  There’s a different kind of creativity in shooting food when the photographer has complete control over what’s in the frame.  More importantly though, the actual colors of food can really be striking to a viewer when everything is taken into account.  Enjoy and salivate-

Full Magazine Preview

Guiseppe’s Restaurant, Downtown Bend

Spa W, Downtown Bend