June 17, 2010

Congratulations to Runner Max King; Montrail and Mountain Hardware Catalog Covers


Congratulations goes out to local Bendite and supreme runner, Max King.Ā  To add to his many accomplishments, last weekend at the annual Footzone Dirty Half, Max won the fastest time making him the 2010 USA Half Marathon Trail Champion.

Max is passionate about running (it’s obvious) and about teaching running but he’s also one of those wonderful athletes that balances his supreme athleticism with a full-time career (he’s a chemical engineer) and family (he’s got an 8 month old!).Ā  Above all, Max is an all-around fun guy, easy to get along with always cool, calm and collected with a smile.Ā  Over the last few months we’ve had the opportunity to spend some quality time shooting Max for various marketing projects for some of his big sponsors: Montrail and Mountain Hardware.Ā  Below are some of our favorites from the last few shoots out at Smith Rocks State Park and Sisters, OR and as we just found out, the covers of the new 2011 Montrail catalog and Mountain Hardware Excel Run.

Ohh la la šŸ™‚

This was the ‘hydration’ shot šŸ™‚Ā  The view was spectacular though…

Max stretching before the photo shoot run šŸ™‚Ā  Very difficult, max effort.Ā  he he…

One of our favs; Max has a fantastic stride, focus and dedication to his sport.

Max’s ‘All-American’ smile and portrait.

This is one of Wendy’s favs – great lighting and intensity.

Max is quite fearless, when we say jump – he jumps…across a chasm!

This was honored by making the cover of Mountain Hardware’s 2011 Excel Run Spring Catalog. šŸ™‚

The new Montrail’s 2011 catalog cover shot šŸ™‚

Another hydration/hero shot of Max.

One of the many classic, casual running shots out at Smith Rocks.

Max showing off ‘parkor’ style…goofing off really.Ā  Just happy he didn’t get hurt šŸ™‚Ā  Oh, and he’s several feet off the ground here.

Another hero shot – that dude is strong.

Jumping over the 4 feet wide chasm.Ā  Every time he landed, Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

A Montrail shoe focused shot, Byron’s fav šŸ™‚


Amazing shots Byron. Congratulations on the cover!

congrats on the cover, some more good shots of Max