February 25, 2009

Cover Photography For the Alternative Newspaper “The Source” In Bend, Oregon

Last week I was able to spend some time shooting for Bend, Oregon’s local alternative newspaper The Source. Today it hit the newsstands so now I can talk about it and show you the photos.  The article is about who was chosen “Woman of the Year” by the publication, so the newspaper’s art director Elise and I first spent some time getting studio images of the runner-ups.  During another shoot we met with Holly Hutton who won the coveted label and spent some time at her house to capture some really cool images of her in a more personal setting.  Holly is the Deputy Director for NeighborImpact, a very important nonprofit serving the economically disadvantaged people of Central Oregon.  I had a great time working with Holly and was really excited today to see how well the photos looked on print.  The photographic creativity that goes into working with others is an amazing experience and every day I am so thankful I’m able to share my enjoyment and passion with others. Cheers-