March 26, 2010

Monica & Todd’s Spring Engagment Photo Shoot At Drake Park In Central Oregon

I faintly remembered them saying we’d meet over underneath the arbor by Mirror Pond Gallery.  It’s funny how you can miss a really cool spot that you’ve walked a hundred times, but when I slowly looked around the area I’d parked next to, something drew me to an area I’ve never paid much attention to.  I saw this small arbor on the other side of the Mirror Pond Gallery and thought “wow, what a cool place to shoot.”  So I get out my camera, check some angles and I begin to think to myself, “if this was so close to where I’ve walked so many times before, imagine what I can find if I were to get lost!”

Monica and Todd come walking up a few moments after my revelation and began to tell me that it was under this cool new arbor, I thought only I knew about, they got engaged.  So begins the perfect place to start an engagement shoot on a wild and windy day in Bend, Oregon.  As some of you know, when two people are in love, their eyes are a complete give away.  Wendy calls it the, “look” and as a photographer, a persons eyes are EVERYTHING to an image.  Looking at how Monica and Todd gazed at each other was more than enough to convince me that they not only have a deep caring for each other but a mutual respect that will bond them forever.

So, here’s to  Monica and Todd, may your eye’s always reflect the love in your hearts!