June 28, 2012

{Damon + Casey} Downtown Portland, Oregon Engagement Photography


Casey and I were first chatting about ideas for their engagement session in downtown Portland, Oregon and she mentioned Damon was a helicopter pilot.  That became part of the fun of the session as we had the pleasure of going on top of one of the buildings downtown by the waterfront during sunset and play on the helipad!  Quite an experience as it was breathtakingly beautiful and calm at sunset and the helipad lights came on adding to the romantic mood.  Now that’s a place for a fun, surprise date night (hint, hint Damon). We also jetted around the waterfront on the other side and found some great color, texture and warehouse decor for our cityscape backdrop.  You can’t go wrong when you have a playful couple, great light and fun backdrops!

These two are getting married at House on Metolious near Camp Sherman next month and we are so very excited to participate and document in their big day.  Thanks again for choosing us; Casey you are going to make SUCH a beautiful bride!

All the best,

B + W

{Artist Series}

LOVE, LOVE..can’t go wrong with those fabulous doors, reds, purples and a sweet, special moment!

Facebook Preview Pic winner and aptly named, “Portlandia in a Picture”

Going for depth, texture and fabulous color here – whoosh!



Another favorite….I know you’ve heard this before but Damon, you remind me of a young Tim McGraw…who’s with me?

Classic heli-pad romance…












Casey + Damon’s favorite of the evening!