November 9, 2010

“Did You Know?” Fun Facts From Our Italian Adventure

As a wrap up to our fantastic trip to Italy and Sicily we wanted to share a few fun facts about our adventure.  Cultural differences are what make us all unique, some of these fun facts made us laugh, others made us jealous, and still a few we were in awe of!  Enjoy!

Did you know that:

1) …Italians eat bread, pasta and potatoes all in the same meal?
2) …entire trains are put on ferries?  (We took a train-ferry to Sicily from Italy – SEE BELOW!)
3)…driving rules are more like ‘guidelines’ in Palermo?  If you want to double park, if you want to park in the middle of a street, if you want to ride on the sidewalk with your scooter, it’s ALL good.  We had our side mirrors tagged twice because it’s so TIGHT. SEE BELOW
4)…anytime between 12-4 that shops typically close for siesta, including ATMs and gas stations!
5)…diesel in Italian is ‘Gasolio?’  (We were yelling at the filling attendant, “Diesel! Diesel”…he looked at us weird)
6)…they have scratch-its for parking passes?  (We found this hilarious – SEE BELOW!)
7)…a bride and groom traditionally sit facing away from their guests and family at a wedding?
8)…gelato is the best darn thing EVER (most everyone enjoys on a regular basis – SEE BELOW)
9)…you always have to look for the lever, button, chain, or pedal to flush the toilet.
10)…bikers and scooter drivers still aren’t required to wear helmets.

11)…Italians don’t eat eggs for breakfast (only lunch and dinner)…much to Wendy’s dismay
12)…Italians make the BEST cappuccino (they’re only drank in the mornings and we had one every time!)?
13)…open-fire chestnut roasting was around every corner?
14)…their are some very X-rated frescos (paintings) in the ancient baths at Pompeii? (From like thousands of years ago?!) SEE BELOW
15)…every city and town had the most MAGNIFICENT churches? (My parents tried to hit up as many as they could!)
16)…Naples has a SEVERE garbage problem at the moment – it was SO sad!
17)…Sicily rivals Greece in Greek temples, ruins and artifacts?
18)…the devils horn, “rock on” hand sign, (which I tend to throw around a lot) has much different, (read really bad) connotations in Italian?!
19)…the fountain in Twilight “New Moon” was a PROP?  Yes, we stayed in Montepulciano and the fountain in front of the clock tower doesn’t exist.
20)…every woman owns tall boots in Italy (Wendy now has a pair of handmade Italian leather boots)-SEE BELOW.

This is a tame intersection by the way… could easily fit at LEAST 20 more cars within this area without making the Sicilians flinch.

Yes, Pompeii.  And you thought I’d have those “questionable” images up didn’t you?!

It’s rare to not see boots in all colors and styles!  Rock the boots ladies!!!