February 2, 2010

Dr. Theopolis Brings Down The House In Portland, Oregon

My mother would say that classical music is the only music to listen to.  Being a professional opera singer I guess gives her some credibility and her thinking is: hey, isn’t classical the only form of music to still be around after 100’s of years?  My father’s a bit more open to the idea that just because it was created in the last century doesn’t make it all that bad…..Joe Cocker, Johnny Cash, The Stones…..maybe it has something to do with the fact that a few in his family, including himself, played the drums.  The bottom line is that music provides us with an outlet to express ourselves regardless of how we’re feeling.  Ah, therapy!

It’s hard not to want to express yourself listening to the band I went over to Portland to see and photoshoot last weekend.  I first caught wind of this 9 piece funk/rap band named Dr Theopolis back in 04 and have yet to find a band that always seems to be having more fun than the crowds they pack in.  What would you expect from a band that’s named after a computer that sat around a robot’s neck in Buck Rodgers?  Is there really a better way to shake your booty dancing while a group of extremely talented musician friends who’s catchy lyrics, as I’ve said before, are like Weird Al Yankovic’s on crack?  Nope.  Wrap this all up with a guy named, “Mr Fabulous” who’s job is to essentially dance with all the ladies in the crowd and you have the making of one solid night of entertainment!  If you ever hear word of them coming to town, you’d be a fool to miss a show and if your willing to, “let your hair down” for a night, this might just be the therapy you need…..bring on the doctor!  Please check out their website Dr. Theopolis to find out about shows and listen/purchase the music.

Mr Fabulous doing what he does.

How do they fit everyone in such a tight space?  6 of the 9 getting their groove on!

Frontman Ezra Holbrook

Till next time…the antics of Dr. T