April 21, 2011

{Emilie + Laszlo} Day After Wedding Photography; Aarau, Switzerland


By: Wendy

This session is near and dear to my heart as we got to share in the sweetness and excitement of the wedding weekend of my French/American cousin Emilie and her love from Switzerland, Laszlo.  The weekend was filled with laughs, tears and LOTS of great food (as only Europeans know how to do best).  I’ve never seen Emilie so happy and Laszlo is a gentle, sweet soul perfect for her.  The Swiss are a quiet type so they opted for a closed, intimate ceremony and a fun, informal reception.  We saw friends and family that we hadn’t seen in many years and because they are both tri and quad-lingual, there was French, German and English everywhere (sometimes all in the same sentence).

The day-after session was focused on getting the chic, fun couple shots that they can both hold in their memories for each other from the beautiful city of Aarau, Switzerland.  Aarau is located about 45 mins west of Zurich and has a sweet, quaint ‘old city’ feel, (the kind from the medieval times that isn’t possible to find in the US).

Em and Laszlo, we are so excited for you both.  Thank you for inviting me to share in your world, if only for a short time, and introducing us to new family and friends.  I love you and was grateful to capture your zest for love and life in such a beautiful part of the world.

Kisses, Bisous, Küsse,

Byron and Wendy


Spiral staircase right outside our hotel door – the Swiss love modern architecture too.




Laszlo steals the show in this one – FAB.


Similar to a German tradition, they decided to wear their wedding bands on their right hands (her engagement band on the left).


Classic Emilie – something about this shot that makes me smile!


Another favorite from the day!  You’re gorgeous!




Love the cobble streets and the classic Swiss window shutters 🙂


All time favorite of mine – so cute!


Laszlo’s ‘James Bond’ look 🙂



The last frame of the day – and a keeper 🙂



Grammy Ruth

Wendy, having caught the beautiful love couple right after the wedding ceremony while their passions as a married couple were at their height was fantastic. The photos practically oozed with their love for each other. Emilie’s beautiful face (I still see a little of me in it) was worthy of a portrait by “Reuben or Leonardo da Vinci”. Byron is a good teacher and you did an amazing piece of work. Love to all my growing family. ‘

Love the pics Wen…they turned out so great! Em and Laz – It was so wonderful to see you guys and to meet your family Lazlo. Much love and happiness to you both. Kisses. Jill

Laszalo, you are a handsome and wonderful man but in this case, my niece Emilie steals the show. My favorite photo features Emilie’s half face and hand-band. I love how you mixed still shots with some video and the French song is perfect. Here we have a genius photographer and a fortunate couple to have found love. Hugs, Kisses & Congrats, Lisa