November 3, 2016

{Emily + Daaniël} Engagement Photography Silver Falls State Park; Sublimity, Oregon

I first met Emily at the local climbing gym with Wendy years ago, (which sounds so weird when you say years since it seems like only yesterday).  Funny how time flies right?!  Well, fast forward a few, few years and Emily’s now marrying the man of her dreams Daaniël.  {Emily + Daaniël} with their little puppy Carys were ready to have some fun at Silver Falls State Park when I met them for their wedding engagement session this fall and look, we had fantastic weather to boot!  I haven’t been close to a large falls in a while and you forget the amount of spray that floats in the air and sticks to everything, (which really makes it that much more fun in my book!).  We slipped and slid around the falls, walking behind the towering water only to see that really the best place to get the ultimate feel of the water was…..well, in the water itself!  I always remember parts of each session I photograph and getting to play in the shallow water with {Emily + Daaniël} will always bring a big smile to my face.  The strength of the falls, the mist and the love were all there.  We’re so excited for you wedding next year you two!!  Congrats to you both and enjoy the images everyone!!!