May 21, 2010

Engagement Session Basics: Part 1

If we asked you to set aside everything in life and revel in the person you’re about to marry for 2 hours, would you? Leave every mental stress behind and be present with your one love…it sounds kinda NICE!  An engagement session is the start to that journey, the journey to marriage and is so important to document.

We love engagement sessions for so many reasons – so much so that we include them in every collection we offer.  Why, you ask?  For us, it provides a relaxed setting to get to know you, your story and the moments you want to keep on your wedding day.  It’s a way to connect with you – our clients – and make you feel comfortable being behind the lens while having a little fun!  When you’re relaxed and having fun, we can capture the BEST smiles!

Zoom forward to your wedding day, now that you’ve seen our work and we’ve connect with the camera in the middle, you never have to worry about us getting those special wedding images.  Most won’t tell you this but we as photographers spend the most amount of time with you on your wedding day, as much or sometimes more than your family – really!  Spending most of your waking moments on one of the most important days of your life with someone unknown, well it’s kinda weird.  So, the engagement session brings that essential level of comfort to you on your day.

We also often have clients purchase a slide show of some of the favorites from the engagement shoot to incorporate into the wedding or prints for the guest book or invitations, images for their Facebook or wedding websites – these are some of the great ways of utilizing your engagement shoot as a prelude to the wedding.  A DVD of all engagement images from the session can also be purchased separately (although both engagement and wedding image DVDs are available in our high end collection).

Overall, the goal for the engagement photography session is for us to get to know you, have a little fun, and take a moment of your lives to celebrate the start of your marriage.  Let the stress of everything else in life shed away and take 2 hours just for the two of you to be together.

Here’s a few samples of  engagement sessions that capture that moment.

UPDATE: Engagement Session Basics: Part 2 (Wardrobe, Locations, Timing, Proofs, etc.)

Los Angeles, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Manhattan, NY

San Francisco, CA

Rome, Italy

Seattle, WA

San Francisco, CA

Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Proposal – Seattle, WA

Bend, OR

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR


We really love that you captured our connection and playfulness to each other in the outdoors where we feel most ourselves, most free and most at peace. We felt very encouraged by you to seek out naturally romantic moments between us without feeling posed or forced, and the results were exactly what we hoped for. What a great experience and what wonderful documentation we have of such a special time in our lives. Thanks Byron!

Your explanation of why you include an engagement session is interesting and the examples of engagement shots fantastic. I can see the differences in each couples interests, personality and how they relate with each other. In my humble opinion, any couple getting married should run to Byron Roe Photography!