July 13, 2010

Facebook Social Plugins Are Little Gems – Web Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Social Media, and for wedding photographers, especially Facebook (FB) can accelerate marketing like wildfire. We’ve heard this before, so here’s a few FB gems to learn more about and setup to light the match.

If you haven’t already checked out this page, here’s an overview of the plugins FB offers:

Now that I’ve scared everyone with techie jargon and CODE (yikes!), let me point you to two of my favorite plugins:

Facebook Like Button
The FB Like Button is relatively new and handy addition to your blog. With a minor code addition, it connects your blog posts to the viewers profile and notifies their network that they like your post – and the beauty is there’s a handy link to your blog post and SITE!

FB Like Button on Blog Example:

Results of ‘Like’ On Facebook Profile Example:

Facebook Like Box
The FB Like Box is also a great credit builder to have on your website to show new visitors that land on your site first that you have a FB page and have a network of past clients and friends that actively participate in your brand. You can customize this to show your feed or just link to your page and show your fan base. Cross linking your social profiles with your site is an easy, quick way to stoke the fire.

Website FB Like Box Example:

If you’re comfortable with light HTML, these may be easily added to your site and blog, otherwise, speak with your web developer for the best way to add these gems!