February 8, 2010

A Family Portrait Session for The Source Weekly – Bend, Oregon

I had the opportunity last week to go out and do a family portrait photoshoot for a good cause.  The Source Weekly was running an article about a family who left their dog Zoe at a kennel for three days to only come back and find their dog was ill.  After much undercover work from the family, it turned out that Zoe had been beaten by one of the employees at the kennel and sustained a multitude of injuries – including six broken ribs.  Now the family is looking into what they can do to tighten up the laws regulating kennels not only in the state of Oregon but thoughout the country.

I’m happy to say that Zoe and the Burton family were in great spirits when I came over for the photoshoot and I want to thank both John and Caren for their hospitality in letting me into their home.  I look forward to keeping up the Burton’s success in changing kennel regulations and applaud them for their efforts.  As you all know, Wendy and I have two of our own dogs and I’m sure all of you pet owners out there are on the same wave length with me when I say that this should never have happened and should never happen again! For the full story please click on this link:  The Source Weekly

A beautiful portrait for a beautiful dog.

The Burton Family


They have a beautiful photograph of Zoe. What a sweet looking dog and how horrible to be so mistreated.