September 15, 2010

I Now Pronounce You Husband And Wife, Why Husband And Wife Wedding Photographers Get It


One of the big decisions the newly engaged need to make for their wedding is whether or not to choose a husband and wife team of photographers. Here’s a list of benefits we’ve found that may sway you…

We Get It
We’ve been married, we’ve gone through the stress, the joys, the details and the elation. Having a married team brings that extra special touch, just that extra bit of confidence having gone through it ourselves.

Two People, Two Views
Byron loves to shoot fashion forward shots, ones where you take a double take and feel more beautiful than you ever thought possible. Wendy loves to shoot details, the little things – the flowers, the cake, the custom made menus, the rings, anything. Together we shoot the whole story.

One getting the perspective of the Bride + Groom, one getting the reaction from your friends and family…

One shoots wide angle, the other shoots close up..

Wendy shoots with the bride getting ready, Byron shoots with the groom…

She organizes the formals so it’s smooth, effortless and time sensitive to getting you back to the party faster ☺ Moreover, having Wendy be my lighting assistant during the formal family and bride and groom portraits offers the opportunity to get the dramatic look we’re aiming for.

All to tell your story from two angles, with a husband and wife team of photographers blended, you get an ever stronger result. With two photographers versus one, we cover more angles and tell the story with more striking detail. Being a husband and wife team even offers the extra structure since we know each other oh so well ☺ Byron gets half the request out of his mouth and I’ve already got the diffuser ready…

‘Modeling’ for our upcoming video promo….the bride grabbed our camera and snapped this fun shot – thanks JULIANNE!