November 24, 2009

Jamie & Brendan’s Wedding Photography In Bend, Oregon

“Can you zip me up Byron,” Jamie says, as she’s finishing her prep work in the bathroom while Brendan is changing into his duds.  The two came over to Bend from Boise and got married in a place they’ve come to love over the years.

Jamie wanted to have a surprise meeting where Brendan could see her for the first time so there I was in a very small bathroom at the Mcmenamins St. Francis School where they were staying, helping Jamie with her dress.  Being a guy you’d think I’d be more interested in waiting outside rather than get all mushy with details but I have to admit I’m always filled with pride to be part of such an important event and hey, its a good chance for me to tell the bride to, “keep breathing and enjoy the day!”

What a fun day it was as we took a limo over to Pioneer Park where they had the intimate ceremony (just the three of us plus officiant!) and all I can say is wow, Brendan, that was one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever seen at a wedding!  Afterward, I directed Mr. Limo driver up to a secret spot overlooking part of the city and the clouds and light turned out to be amazing.  Finishing up the day we went back to Mcmenamins to shoot some images in the bathhouse.  This bathhouse is so cool-it’s wall to wall mosaics, open ceiling, and big fountain in the middle make you think you’ve been transported to some exotic European haunt.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and what a way to end the time with Jamie and Brendan.  Cheers to you both and I look forward to hanging with you guys in the future!

– Byron