August 30, 2010

{Karen + Damian} Engagement Photography; Malibu, California


Meeting Karen and Damian was one of those moments that begs perfection.  Little did we know when we went to the Olympics in Vancouver earlier in the year that we would happen to be standing right behind Karen and Damian, waiting in line to see the Olympic flame  – just moments before he popped the question.

As it went, we all walked up to the flame, Damian casually asked Byron to take a photo with his point-n-shoot and before Byron could even raise the camera to his eye…Damian was down on one knee.  I was daydreaming at the flame when I turned to see Byron’s jaw drop.  What a beautiful sight for a wedding photographer to fall into!

Damian is in the Navy, a submariner, a quiet, calm intellectual.  Karen is in pharmaceuticals, sweet and shy.  Both of them not into the mushy stuff (so they say).  They met several years ago when Damian literally landed on Karen’s door 🙂  The live in the OC outside of Los Angeles and we went down to the WPPI Road Trip Conference and did their engagement session on the beach at Paradise Cove.  I have to say, they have the most FANTASTIC clam chowder and coconut shrimp (thanks for the recommendation Karen!) and I have a hunch I saw James Marsden (27 Dresses, X-Men actor) when we first got there!

So what does it take for a quiet couple to have fun with Byron and I?  Not much!  It only took a few to get warmed up, shoes off and the smiles to come…

Speaking of shoes….sadly the sea took them for a spin when the tide came in so quick.  We were only down one flip flop however and Karen mentioned it was just another excuse to go shoe shopping (that’s my kinda gal!).

Karen, Damian – we’re so stoked to travel to Mexico and capture your wedding.  Thank you for making this romantic story come full circle. 🙂

B + W

In Paradise Cove, they have these spectacular rocks on the shoreline….just another sweet moment.

What do you get when you have two quiet people kiss for one of the first frames?….a keeper.

We had to wrestle with the tide….my job was to watch the waves and yell if they were coming close for a soaker!

In a surprise attack, I said grab a hunk of shirt…Karen went for the pec!  YEAH!

Here’s where it all started clicking and the rock, laughter and sunset made for a nice mix!

Love this…ah, yeah…trying not to get wet!

That’s a full Navy stance, Damian!  🙂

Love the reflection here.  A pond and bridge….30 feet from the shoreline.


B & W, Your photographs capture their love beautifully. It’s not a coincidence you both walked to see the Olympic cauldron together and Damien asked Byron to take their picture!

I love the 3rd and 4th pictures… Ok seriously, you two are the absolute cutest. Fantastic pictures and congrats on the upcoming wedding. B&W great shots as usual 🙂