December 16, 2016

{Karla + Justin} Engagement Photography; Bend, Oregon

{Karla + Justin’s} urban engagement session in downtown Bend, Oregon was a fantastic mixture of laughter and more laughter!  Trying to maximize the experience of using brick, metal and glass in a town known for it’s scenic beauty in nature is always interesting.  It’s definitely more satisfying when you can create unique images among locations I’ve been to more than once (or 100:)  That inner encouragement to think outside the box is luckily always there and the best way it comes out is being aware of new locations that were never seen before.  Well, that’s how our session went until we went over to the new Barrel Thief distillery pub and then it got really interesting.  I would say my favorite moments of any shoot are when something happens that I never anticipated, so when we were led into the barrel room where the spirits were aging and we came across a band practicing….we’ll let just say I’m in my element at that point.  Enjoy the images and congratulations to {Karla + Justin}.  Wendy and I can’t wait for your wedding at Pronghorn Resort next year!!