April 10, 2013

To: Joseph; From: Roxanna-Seattle Library, Kerry Park Engagement Photography; Seattle, WA

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Joseph, my love….

What I love most about you is your genuine, deeply caring heart.   You’re a private person, so you don’t let just anyone see.  But when you allow someone into your world, and your true spirit is revealed, it makes whomever is lucky enough to see melt from head to toe.  And I’m one such lucky woman.  I know with every fiber of my being that your loyalty, your love, your charm, your humor are gifts… and I’m so very lucky to be one whom you’ve chosen to give your gifts so generously.

We were going to meet…the universe had that plan for us I know…both single children of foreign language educators and curriculum developers meeting because of our mother’s professional conference, it’s uncanny how many stars aligned to make sure you and I met that night on that harbor cruise in a town where neither of us lived.  But it was your presence and persistence that night, and nearly every night since that enabled us to be together.  You never gave up.  You fought for us to be together no matter what obstacle lay before us.  I thank you for that, I thank you for us!

Why you above all else?  I’m not the youngest bride ever.  I never felt a great need to be a bride, which only further speaks to the fact that when I chose you above all others to share my life with, it was because what we’ve created is so much more than I’ve ever experienced, more than I thought was possible between two people.  It’s been three short years, and just as when we first met, with a simple touch of your hand I get a warmth that passes through my entire being.  It’s hard to put into words but no matter what is going on with work, family, life stuff, if we’ve been apart I can’t wait to see you.  I always look forward to your look, your touch, your being, YOU.  And no one else has ever made me feel that that could be… timeless.

What I’m most looking forward to on our wedding day is seeing your face for the first time, and knowing that I get to see our hopes, dreams, love, fears, joys, plans, and faith in one another grow every day for the rest of our lives.  I can hardly wait!


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These are wonderful, congrats Rox and Joseph! Byron and Wendy, amazing work 🙂