October 1, 2009

Kelly and Michael’s Wedding Photography- Aspen Hall; Bend, Oregon

Aspen Hall in Bend, Oregon was transformed into a mirage of color and creativity for Kelly and Michael’s wedding.  Kelly and Michael, two graceful and harmonious people, shared a beautiful and spiritual rite of passage recently that Byron and I were blessed to capture.  The ceremony began after everyone was comfortable – shoes off – and seated. It was evident their friends and family participated in every dimension of the event.  Thank you both for sharing yourselves in these photos as you visibly show your love for each other 🙂  We enjoyed participating and look forward to meeting your newest addition soon!

– Wendy and Byron


Outstanding! I’m very jealous of those photographs, I wish I could do as well.Those photos took a lot of talent to create, well done. I’ve bookmarked this site.


Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

black hattitude.

Love these photos, every single one of them!

These are beautiful images from what looks like a unique and amazing day. Love the colors and the lighting. Great job!