June 2, 2010

To My Dear Sweet Baby: Aura Carr Maternity Photography Session in Bend, Oregon


Dear Sweet Baby,

Your father and I are so excited for your arrival. We have been preparing for you for many years and it’s truly amazing to us that you’ll be in our arms in just a few short weeks. Our hearts are so full of joy that sometimes we look at each other in tearful wonder that we’ll soon have the honor of being your parents. We take this responsibility very seriously, but you’ll find we are both really two big goofs, who just love to laugh and play. There are so many beautiful places we can’t wait to take you to see, play and smile as we have together. Your father can’t wait for the day to come when you slip on your first pair of climbing shoes. I can’t wait to see the wonder in your eyes on your first airplane ride or first trip to the ocean.

We promise to support and provide for you with open hearts and open ears. We promise to listen to you and hold you when you need support. We promise to give you the freedom to see and experience life through your own perspective, and to honor that you have much to teach us. We promise to role model to you patience, kindness and acceptance of others and things we don’t always understand in the world. We promise to do our best to instill in you a sense of responsibility as a human being to this planet and all the life that abounds. But above all of these, we promise to love you unconditionally and without bounds.

For now, I listen and wait for the day when you signal to me that you are ready to make your journey from the womb to the outside world. And I wish for strength and surrender that you and I will both need on that day. Until then, sleep in peace and wonder of the new journey you are about to embark. We are here for you with open arms.

Much love,
Your mother


Aura, you’re a gem.  We wish you and Logan the very best through the coming year of transformation.  It’s been so wonderful to be your friends, witness your engagement and wedding – continuing to document your story.  Thank you!  – B + W

This picture deserves a frame for the baby’s room 🙂

Oh, so cozy!

Who’s that cute momma-to-be?  Your eyes POP here – love it.

We love the perspective here and the light on the tops of your hands.

Does this mean it’s a boy?  Only time will tell!

Your body, your joy, your moment – timeless. 🙂


Oh Aura,
These photos are just beautiful and your letter is one that your child will love! I love you and send you much support for the adventure you’re about to embark upon. You and Logan are going to be such great parents!
I love the silhouette photos, you’re beautiful pregnant!
your friend

The black and white photo of you Aura is wonderful, especially with your body’s silhouette. Having a baby is a special event, one a Mom and Dad never forget. Enjoy the upcoming adventure! Best wishes, Lisa

Grandma Lily

Dearest Aura,

At last things come full circle for my daughter and me…it seems only yesterday that I felt your sweet little baby self inside my belly…and now, there you are, carrying your own child and looking so beautiful. I’m so happy for you and Logan. The photos are perfect..(the dress looks great too)

Love, Mom

Aura – your letter literally moved me to tears. How fantastic to capture and document such a special moment. The pictures look amazing, and I’m so excited for both of you!! Best, Jill