December 17, 2009

Max King Of Bend, Oregon Wins XTERRA Trail Run Worlds 2009

Back when we had an autumn in Bend, Oregon this year, I got the chance to go out with Max King for a photoshoot.  With more evergreens than deciduous trees in Central Oregon you have to know where to go for some color so I took him up to a very unusual spot that has a very dense but small area of aspens surrounded by green for miles.  Even though the colors were amazing the temperature was in the 40’s so my hat goes off to Max who not only stuck it out during the photoshoot but had a great attitude as well.  Max looks in top form as he just claimed his second title as XTERRA trail running world champion about a week ago in Ka’a’awa, Oahu-Hawaii.  About a month ago he won the USA Track and Field National Trail Marathon (six days after finishing 18th at the New York City Marathon).  Congrats Max!