July 8, 2010

{Meredith + Joe} Wedding; The Blacksmith Restaurant Bend, Oregon

From day one, Meredith and Joe have been easy-going, relaxed and just plain happy.  As a prelude, the engagement session was filled with laughs (and towards the end even a few cocktails), so when we geared up for the wedding, we knew it was going to be one big party.  Holding true to their philosophy for ‘great drinks, great food and great people’, Meredith and Joe chose The Blacksmith Restaurant in Bend, Oregon as their special place.  The staff was AMAZING and made it an easy process.  The wedding was simple, crowded by the best of family and friends and the toasts had everyone practically rolling with laughter and joy.

We have to say that Meredith and Joe have been one our forefront supporters from day one of hiring us and we are SO grateful.  They even had a separate table, with name tags, for us at the wedding and a full course meal – a special touch which was over the top.  Thank you, thank you for letting us share this experience with you both and jumping on suggestions for fun places to shoot!  The night topper was when Meredith jumped on the backlit bar. 🙂

You two are amazing and we are so happy as you start your new journey together.  CHEERS!


B + W

Soon after their ‘first look’ at 10 Below at The Oxford Hotel

Mere, has anyone told you that you have the most FANTASTIC legs!  So, jealous – Wendy

A unique angle getting ready to head down for the ‘first look.’

Oh, how Wendy loves detail shots 🙂  They had these super cool matches…

Mere and Joe surrounded by MoH and Best Man and brother, Nick.

The ceremony…

As their closest friends and family look on set through the reflection of the wine glasses, Mere and Joe say their vows.

With only a few drops of sweat and tears, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Davis! 🙂

As a special treat, their steaks were ‘flambeed.’  Did I spell that right?  Oh, that’s hot!

Joyous toasts with story after story of these two…so fun.

A little fun after the ceremony, grawrrr.

Mere’s Cinderella moment, as her prince charming puts on her blue slipper.

To: Mere and Joe; From: The Blacksmith Staff!  Congrats!  Disclaimer:  This is only meant as a joke and the staff are NOT actually drinking their liquor 🙂

High class ambiance.

Forever more their anniversary will be shared with Joe’s birthday – double the celebration!  The whole gang sang for Joe and the staff entertained him with a GIANT cookie.

On a whim, the bride decides to chill out on top of the beautifully lit bar.  Mere is one of those fearless types we love.

Leslie Giacci

holy sweet jesus these are amazing photos!! I LOVE the sexy shot of Meredith by the elevator…..

All the photos are great and my favorite is the black and white one of Meredith pulling on Joe’s tie. Meredith on top of the bar is awesome too and I think that one should be entered into a photography competition. Congratulations Meredith and Joe!

WOW! Mer, the photography was worth every dime! The colors, the artistry, the couple! What a great combination. Truly exceptional, it all came together so nice. Thanks for inviting us to join in on such a memorable weekend! Congratulations to you both!!

sarah ward


Wow B & W – thanks for the sneak peek and the kind words! So great – I love the shots you took that we didn’t realize you took! You are the consumate pro’s and are so awesome. Very glad Mere hired you! LOL. Love the shot through the wine cabinet glass. Well, of course love them all! Can’t wait to see the rest. As always, thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to catch up soon. Joe

My favorite is the one of you sitting and only your legs and feet show. That is an amazing shot. Congratulations Meredith. I am so very happy for you.

Fantastic!! I can’t wait to see some more. You both are so talented and Joe and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have you as our photographers. We look forward to having you both as great friends for many years to come. Thanks.

I LOVE the last picture with her on the bar. It’s fantastic! Looks like everyone had a ton of fun…especially the one of everyone in the kitchen.