December 8, 2015

SERIES: Plan Time For Sunset Photos During Your Wedding

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There’s a great reason why photographers call sunset ‘magic light’ and if there’s a way to create an opportunity to shoot part of your creative session during that beautiful sunset time, we suggest you take FULL advantage of it. Taking a few moments away from your reception may be a welcomed break or may be difficult to pull away from but we promise you it will be WORTH it!

We call it ‘magic light’ because it’s the time of day where colors are abound, harsh shadows are softened and the romantic glow matches the purpose of your wedding. We work our butts off every wedding we shoot to make it unique, creative and powerful and given the chance to shoot 15-20 minutes during and right after sunset gives us an incredible amount of potential to create images that will WOW you ūüôā

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure you don’t miss this special, but short, moment in your day!

1) Be educated. Know what time the sun sets! We will walk you through this during your pre-consult but if you are jumping on your timeline or working with an outside coordinator, use the links below to verify the sunset time.

Sunset Calculator: (use the drop down menus on the right to select your month/year and the search bar for your location)

2) Be flexible. ¬†The reception, like most parts of the wedding day are always flowing. ¬†The dinner may be late, you may need a bathroom break or time to bustle your dress or the toasts may go longer than expected. ¬†Because of all the unknowns¬†(as is the nature of weddings), it’s important to be flexible. ¬†Sunset doesn’t change, so discuss alternatives with your coordinator ahead of time. ¬†Because the sunset times vary so much from June to October, it’s important to adjust your reception events around sunset time. ¬†The best time to make a quick, non-noticeable exit for this short window is during a dinner¬†course or in between dinner and cake-cutting

3) Be prepared. ¬†We will connect with you when it’s go time and in an effort to sneak away efficiently and be quick to achieve our goal of incredible shots in a short time window, we need both of you present when it’s time to go. ¬†Even a quick bathroom break can use up precious moments. ¬†We’ll do our best to monitor the light (in case conditions change)¬†and connect with you (or the coordinator) on any timing adjustments needed.

4) Be relaxed. This is the special moment of the day when the stress of the ceremony is done, your families are having a great time and you can have a moment of peace and reflection with the one you love baked in the golden sunlight! ¬†Enjoy the moment and soak it in so when you look at the images later, you’ll feel the same way over and over again!