September 20, 2012

{Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 1


UPDATE: Enjoy Part 2: {Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 2

From the moment Wendy and I stepped off the plane in Berlin we were in dreamland.  For the most part, every professional wedding photographer would love to say they photographed a wedding in a Schloss (castle) but more importantly than that, I’d say we had the opportunity to work with another amazing couple amongst their family and friends.  Elise is a Berlin native and Andy is from the west coast of the U.S. but as destiny would have it, they both met in the U.S. during undergrad studies and have been living in Manhattan recently to finish up graduate studies.  With a move to London eminent, it was time to celebrate their love for one another, with friends and family and begin the next chapter in their lives together.

{Andy + Elise}* had actually planned a four day extravaganza for all family and friends so we had the privilege of getting to know everyone on a much deeper level than the normal one day weddings, (which was awesome as it never seems like we get to spend enough time with our new found friends.)  For day one, all out of town guests were asked to meet and hang out at the swank Soho House located in a restored Bauhaus building in Berlin’s Mitte district.  Hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails flowed endlessly as guests who had come from around the world chatted like they had know each other for years.  Afterwards it was on to an exclusive night club near the Westin Grand where many guests were staying, (learned later from Elise that this hotel was used for the Bourne Identity movie…sweet).  After dancing into the early morning it was time for bed as the sun was already beginning to rise for the new days events.  Day two consisted of all family and friends getting together at the amazingly beautiful beer garden, Zollpackhof Gastronomie, along the Spree River.  Walking to the restaurant from our hotel was an insane brush with history one rarely gets to encounter as we not only passed underneath the Brandenburg Gates but also walked past the old Reichstag Building and over one of the few surviving bridges from WW2, the Moltke Bridge, (it’s funny but even recounting this makes me want to be back there!)  Many family members from both sides had the chance to meet each other for the first time and it was evident that any possible language barriers had no bearing on the level of conversation!

Amazing food and drink were mixed with lots of laughter and before we knew, it was time to go and get in good sleep before the wedding day that would surely come quicker than expected.  Wedding day arrives and we’re off to Schloss Neuhardenberg which is east of Berlin among the rolling hills and agriculture.  About 20k from the German/Polish border, this schloss has a very interesting history as most of the conspirator meetings to assassinate Hitler (Valkyrie plot) were held in the mansion’s library.  Ok, enough history for the moment and on to the amazing light, beautiful colors and images!  Enjoy. More coming for Part 2!


B + W

*Names changed by request for client privacy
**Not the best but here’s a link to copy/paste for the German translation

{Rehersal Dinner – Zollpackhof Beirgarten; Berlin, Germany}











{Artist Series Part 1 – Wedding Day; Schloss Neuhardenberg}

Playful, classy, colorful…one of our favorites!


Elise in all of her beauty…


Sunset on the grounds…

Being near the Polish border, the Schloss switched into the hands of the Russians for a time.



Magnificent red carpet aisle for the bride – a sea of red, white and blue.

The quaint and famous library…





Bathing in natural light, the room, the classical music, the smiles…it was the start to the perfect day.






The are men stylin’too…


Straight out of the pages of Vogue, no doubt. 🙂













This looks like it could be a painting…just love the black and white with the castle.









UPDATE: Enjoy Part 2: {Andy + Elise} Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany Wedding Photography – Part 2!

Rehersal Dinner: Zollpackhof Biergarten
Wedding Venue: Schloss Neuhardenberg


Byron, these were the most interesting pictures I have seen . The reflection in the water of the Schloss! The red carpet on the green grass ending in a point! The unique view from the upper stairs of the building! There were so many more that I found wonderful . Your sophistication has grown so much! These are definitely my favorite ones.

Very proud of you as all of your subjects are, as well, I am sure. Love to you and your beautiful assisstant. Grammy Ruth