June 28, 2010

Planning Ahead With Social Media – Web Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Usually ‘planning ahead’ and ‘social media’ don’t really make it into the same sentence very often.  The pull of social media is that it is real live journalism happening right NOW!  So as marketers that poses a great challenge because it’s so easy to be consumed by social media (ahemm, Facebook for me).  Ya feeling me?

Because nobody really likes to see tweets in Facebook (FB) or FB posts in Twitter (with the ever obvious link at the end), it makes it difficult to not only get your relevant content out there for marketing but also easily repurpose it whether you’re writing in 140 characters or not, even in Instagram where you look at how to download Instagram video so that you can reupload it somewhere else.

One tool, that has been a life-saver and magnificent for pre-planning social media releases is Hootsuite.  It brings all your social networking to one, web-based platform and allows you to schedule tweets, FB posts, WordPress blog posts, LinkedIn status updates,  and more.

It also brings in keyword monitoring for Twitter, multi-account management and even a robust feature for user permissions.  So, monitoring and posting to multiple personal accounts, our business accounts and local AdFed accounts gets a little easier to manage.

Recent HootSuite5 features also include a handy thumbnail for FB images and Google Analytics integration which is just plain HOT.

Hope you like it as much as I do:  http://www.hootsuite.com

PS:  WAY better than Tweetdeck in my opinion.