April 12, 2010

Portland, Oregon Engagement Photography Adventures

Travel you say?  Absolutely!  When given the opportunity to travel and shoot weddings or engagements sessions, we jump.  Like you say jump, we jump.  This past week we ventured to Portland (okay, more like hop, skip and a jump from Bend) to meet up with two fantastically funny couples for their engagement shoots.  When we say funny, we mean it!  They had us rolling laughter throughout the day, adding to the sunshine, which is oh so rare in Portland, Oregon.  Everything from hurricane winds on the Columbia River, purple boots, graffiti walls to drunken stories, we had so, so much fun with these two newly engaged couples.  Both of them actually share a similar secret – as a testament to eHarmony, both couples found love online!

Here’s a sneak peek of two of our favorites from each shoot (more to come this week!) and of course, some of us goofing around in a sea of blooming cherry blossoms right off 23rd avenue.  We hear you…and are going to be proactively posting more photos of the two of us.  Stay tuned for more of Meredith + Joe and Jenni + Ian…

We love this funky, one-of-a-kind shot 🙂  Meredith + Joe, you guys are too cute.

On the Columbia River in a brief moment of wind stall.  A shot of simple romance…

Jenni + Ian in their funky, one-of-a-kind shot!  Jenni, you’re fearless…

Love, love, love this 🙂  Blow kisses anyone?  Portland has the most fantastic urban settings…

Wendy is so classic – what a cutie 🙂

Fun with the bloooooming cherry blossoms!

My ‘give me some attitude’ look (a well used saying for all clients).

And of course, myself in true form.  🙂


I know I am prejudice but I must comment on how beautiful Wendy looks. I need an 8×10 of the shot with a flower in her hair…then I will finally replace her high school photo framed on my wall!